Coaching and Therapies at Focus Point

Focus Point approaches the individual from a holistic perspective.
Its aim is to help you achieve balance, whether it be physical/emotional balance, work/life balance or to gain a new perspective and revise your priorities.
One or more therapies can be used to help you reach your full potential and open new horizons.

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Where we are

Most of our clients are located in Berkshire, N Hampshire and Surrey.
Face-to-face consultations are located in:

- The Natural Health Consultancy in Crowthorne – streetmap>>
- Bliss in Wokingham - streetmap>>

Please call 01344 761682 for details.

For those who prefer telephone coaching, location doesn’t matter, although access to a landline is preferable.


Sharon Juden is an accredited Hypnotherapist, professional Career and Life Coach, teacher & therapist.
She empowers people to set and achieve their personal and business goals.
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Are you ready to stop smoking now?

Do you worry about what smoking is doing to your health and that of your family?

Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking in just one session.


How confident do you feel?

Are you dreading that business presentation? Are you comfortable talking to strangers?
Through coaching you will learn techniques to increase your self confidence.


Feeling tense & stressed?

Do you regularly get headaches? Do you lack energy and drag yourself through each day?
Mental and physical tiredness rob you of enjoying life to the full.
Massage and Reiki can help you restore that balance.


Your life? Your career?

How satisfied are you with your current job?
Are your relationships fulfilling?
Are you developing into the person you have the potential to be?
Are you limiting your success by thinking small?
Coaching takes you to the next level.


“Thanks to your Life Coaching I feel very clear about what my priorities are and most importantly what my values are. Also I feel better equipped to deal with any confidence lows I experience from time to time.” Anna N
“Hypnotherapy has given me the ability to relax more and not feel the need to keep on the go the whole time… more importantly, I’m more at one with myself.” Gwen C

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Are you happy with your weight?

Have you tried diets and found they don’t last? Do you want to be healthier, fitter, slimmer, more confident?

Hypnotherapy helps you achieve this.