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Stressed? Try Hypnotherapy in Crowthorne, Berkshire

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Stressed? Try Hypnotherapy in Crowthorne, Berkshire

Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways, many of which are not immediately recognisable as stress.  In my hypnotherapy practice in Crowthorne I’ve seen a rising number of people coming with all sorts of issues ranging from sleeplessness, teeth grinding, over drinking to a general feeling of being inadequate and unable to cope with the pressure they’re under.

The problem with the lives we lead nowadays is that we’re constantly expected to produce more and faster, respond quicker if not immediately and be accessible practically 24 hours a day.  This leaves little room for relaxation, hobbies, fun or simply ‘being’.  Our technology has moved forward but we haven’t.  Our bodies are still the same as they were hundreds of years ago.  The fight/flight response we used to experience when faced with danger still occurs only this time there isn’t a sabre-toothed tiger to run away from.  In fact, many times there’s nothing to run away from because we can’t escape the daily situation, so the adrenaline is pumping through our system and has no release.  It’s little wonder more and more of us are finding our bodies are suffering and complaining.

The first step towards resolving the problem is recognising what your stress symptoms are.  They won’t be the same for everyone because some people are better able to cope with large amounts of stress than others are.  The symptoms will generally fall into three categories:
1. Emotional
Eg Irritability, increased worrying, being overly critical

2. Physical
Eg Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, skin rashes, weight gain/loss

3. Behavioural
Eg Increased alcohol intake, sleep problems, over-eating

Once you recognise your stress symptoms, notice when they happen.  What is going on in your life to bring them about?  Is there a particular person who knows exactly how to wind you up?  Are you regularly getting into debt and feeling stressed about that?  Are you being asked to do too much and feel you can’t say ‘no’?  Stress generally comes about because we feel we have no choice.  We feel pulled along in a direction we’re powerless to stop.

The truth however is that we do have a choice.  Even if we can’t change who we live with or where we work for the moment, we can always change what we think about the situation.  We can choose to perceive it differently.

As mentioned earlier, some people are better able to handle pressure than others.  Are they special or gifted?  Not usually.  It all comes down to how they interpret the situation, how they perceive it.  For them there are no problems – only issues to deal with.  So if you regularly feel stressed, notice what you’re telling yourself when you’re in that situation – eg  ‘I can’t cope, I’ve got too much to do,  I never have enough money’ etc and notice how that simply makes you feel worse.

Our subconscious mind is very literal.  It doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction and it believes what it is regularly told.  So if you’re constantly feeding yourself negative thoughts, your subconscious will go about creating them – just like programming a computer.  You tell yourself you’re not enjoying work and can’t do anything properly because there’s not enough time and you will continue to create that reality for yourself.

It sounds bleak, but the good news is that if we can create negativity and pressure for ourselves by the way we think, we can also uncreate that.  We can create a more positive, forward-looking attitude that offers solutions for a calmer future by changing our thoughts.

Using hypnotherapy where you’re relaxed and more susceptible to new suggestions, I build up an image of how you will be, what you will be feeling and thinking in this new calm state of mind using your own words.  You absorb these new ideas and images and come away from the session feeling much more relaxed and positive.  Over the next few days you will notice subtle, gentle changes in your thinking and approach as your subconscious begins to create this new reality for you.  The more you choose the positive suggestions over the negative ones, the more they become embedded and so develop into your new behaviour and thought patterns.

A new, healthy habit has now been created to replace the old, destructive one and from this mindset you’re better able to deal with challenges as they come along in a calmer, more focused way.

If you’re regularly feeling stressed try hypnotherapy to help you relax and put a new perspective on things.

Sharon Juden is a Hypnotherapist in Berkshire as well as a Career and Life Coach.

The Power of Your Mind

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The Power of Your Mind

“If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you can’t accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”
Rosalynn Carter
Former American First Lady

Have you ever noticed how some things are so easy and effortless to do whilst others seem, quite frankly, almost impossible?! Why is that?
Perhaps you feel you have better skills for some things than others, or perhaps you think you have more experience in some areas than others?
But then does that mean you can’t succeed at new ventures, big challenges or just leaving the comfort of your daily routine?
Of course not – BUT you can only do these things if you believe you can. It’s all a question of attitude.
We create our own reality which can be very exciting. It can also be quite a sobering thought as we think back to opportunities we gave up or risks we were too afraid to take. We didn’t believe we had the resources or strength to succeed so we didn’t even try.
Isn’t that sad?
Before any more opportunities pass you by, think back to all the successes you’ve had, all the things you’ve achieved – even small things – and recognise that you are far more resourceful and have much more inner strength than you have given yourself credit for.
With this more positive self-belief, choose something you have wanted to accomplish for a while and trust that you can and will make it happen. Then if you feel you need support and some guidance to keep you on track, have a hypnotherapy session to reinforce all the good feelings and to replace negative, limiting beliefs with powerful, positive ones that help you move forward.
You can if you think you can!

By Sharon Juden, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Berkshire

Hypnotherapy and Losing Weight

Monday, March 30th, 2009
Is it time you took back control over your body?

Billy Connolly reportedly said that the answer to being overweight is to eat less and move more.
That’s all well and good, but we know that there’s often much more to it than that!

For a start there’s those cravings – for chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc etc.  And they just won’t go away.
Then there’s times when we feel really stressed or down and eating is the best way we know to make ourselves feel better.

All of this means that with the best will in the world and with as much determination as we can muster, we often face a losing battle when it comes to losing weight.

Will power and determination can only take you so far.  If, on a sub-conscious level, your thoughts and behaviours are programmed to seek comfort or solace in food, then those old habits will keep coming back until they’re replaced with new, healthy ones.

Hypnotherapy can do this easily and effortlessly.  Here’s what one client had to say about the results she experienced:

“For the first time in my life I am eating and thinking of food
in terms of a ‘normal’ person.  In three weeks I have lost 6 lbs, and  have lost all the cravings I used to have.  If I had known it was
this easy I would have done it years ago!”

By Sharon Juden, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Berkshire