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Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP in its most simple terms deals with understanding how people can have exactly the same experience, yet interpret it differently and remember it differently.

It looks at the way in which individuals make sense of their world and the people they come in contact with. If these strategies are not constructive and helpful, NLP allows us to alter the way we think and act in order to bring about positive change so that we can achieve the results we desire.

It offers practical methods for rapid personal improvement and is highly effective in dealing with issues such as lack of confidence, feelings of limitation and/or scarcity, habits such as over-eating, smoking, nail biting etc and healing traumas.

Focus Point often uses NLP techniques in Hypnotherapy and Coaching to maximise success and increase a client's self-awareness and self-development.


Focus Point - Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP

NLP presuppositions

Behind every behaviour is a positive intent

There is no failure, only feedback

Choice is better than no choice (and flexibility is the way one gets choice)

The meaning of the communication is in the response

People already have all the resources they need to succeed

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