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‘The soothing voice of reason can help ease life's pressures’  

MOST people associate hypnosis with getting up on stage on holiday and being made to act foolishly but in reality it can be a great stress buster.

I was somewhat sceptical when asked to have a session of hypnotherapy as a way of combating stress, but after just 90 minutes I was feeling much more relaxed and happier.

The hypnosis was done by Sharon Juden at the Natural Health Consultancy Complementary Therapy Clinic in Crowthorne and involved deep relaxation techniques and understanding the causes of stress.

Since moving to the clinic on Dukes Ride two years ago, hypnotherapist and career and confidence coach Sharon has seen the number of people turning to her services increase steadily, but the numbers have shot up since the credit crunch.

She said: “In the last year I have seen a huge increase in numbers. People have money worries, far too much work and are worried about cutbacks.

“They worry about losing their jobs, the long hours they work and the brain and body can only take so much.”

Working on a busy newspaper to tight deadlines, and my wife expecting a baby in less than six weeks, I was only too aware how stressful modern life could be so was happy to see if Sharon could help me.

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Asking honest questions

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you do the things you do?

Have you ever noticed the little voice inside your head that seems to be on a constant loop?

Is it possible you have created a certain impression of someone or some situation based on other people’s thoughts and beliefs rather than on your own?

How many times have you said “yes”, when really you wanted to say “no”?

What excuses do you use that could be holding you back?

Is your life so busy that you have forgotten to listen to your inner voice?

What could you do today to improve one aspect of your life?

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My session began by talking about my daily schedule, whether I could sleep at night and whether I was happy. Once Sharon understood why I felt stressed, and had found out what relaxes me, we began the hypnosis. She asked me to stare at a point on the wall, breath deeply and just listen to her voice.

She explained that as I breathed deeply I would slow my heartrate and begin to relax and that I could then shut my eyes, but that could not be made to do anything I didn’t want to and could open my eyes at any time. I was not 100% convinced it would work, but willing to give it a go. As I breathed deeply, I did start to relax and my vision began to blur slowly, before my eyes closed and all I could hear was Sharon’s soothing voice. She asked me to imagine being in a boat on a lake in the mountains, just drifting along without a care in the world, feeling the breeze blowing and not having anything to do, or deadlines to meet. As I did so, I felt my shoulders relax and a weight lifted from me.

While one session of hypnotherapy can have good results, to really get to the root of the problem Sharon explained that a full course of treatment would be necessary.

She said: “Some people expect instant success here with hypnotherapy. But it is a process you go through, one session will help you feel better but you have to persevere. To expect instant success is unrealistic.”

I left feeling much happier and not so overwhelmed by everything that is going on in my life and, despite being somewhat cynical at the outset, I would recommend a course of hypnotherapy for anyone feeling stressed.

Jonathan Kelly

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