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Clients' Testimonials

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Coaching Testimonials

"Having recently taken on a new, very challenging and high pressure role at work, I came to Sharon suffering with anxiety attacks and stress. In just six sessions, Sharon taught me new ways to remain calm, deal with stress and build up my self-confidence. She taught me simple techniques I now practice at home to help me remain calm when I feel anxious. I have the tools I need to deal with the pressures of my job and the self-confidence I need to carry out my work successfully. Many thanks!"
N. Bliss, Bracknell

“You manage to combine being supportive and nurturing with being extremely intuitive and keeping on track with current and ongoing goals and issues."
Louise McC (Bath)

“Thanks to your Life Coaching I feel very clear about what my priorities are and most importantly what my values are. Also I feel better equipped to deal with any confidence lows I experience from time to time."
Anna N (Surrey)

“I always feel enlightened and relaxed after talking to you.”
Bryn M (Cardiff)

"The coaching sessions were very helpful using a variety of techniques most suitable to me as an individual. Sharon, in a relaxed but very focussed manner, helped me re-assess my values and goals and develop positive thought and action processes to reach them."
Ian S, Berkshire

“Coaching has helped me to highlight which areas of my life I have not developed to their full potential and hence has helped to develop these areas”.
Naomi L (Berkshire)

“(Sharon’s) gentle coaxing manner, using deep skilful questioning techniques, have helped me explore new horizons, discover new meanings and potential which lay undiscovered until our coaching sessions."
Elaine G (Ascot)

“I found your style to be both nurturing and professional. It provided a foundation for open and candid communications."
Ron C (California)

“The challenging questions that (Sharon) asked me forced me to think outside the box and hence widen my capacity to think promptly."
Michael G (Kenya)

“Sharon developed a quick, easy rapport with me, which made our conversation flow as if we already knew each other. Her technique was completely unobtrusive, and yet led to the heart of the issues I was wanting to talk about."
Janet M (California)

“(The coaching) was tailored, it was structured, challenging and most of all it was insightful and supportive."
Linda V (Reading)

“I was surprised and delighted by the freedom of thinking that the (coaching) process brought …. What was unsettling and uncertain now feels like opportunity and excitement. Thank you Sharon."
Liz W (India)

“Coaching helped me reassess my values and realise that these values had been compromised. The exercises we worked through reached deep inside of me and made me think once more about what I really wanted from my career and from my life. I truly believe I would not have had the confidence and belief in myself, my ideas and my future had it not been for my coaching with Sharon Juden."
Sam M (Glasgow)

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"I promised I’d let you know how it went this morning.
I woke a couple of times in the night and kept saying to myself all the things we had discussed to reassure myself. I was quite calm and relaxed, and happy to make my fiancée a coffee even though I couldn’t have anything. I did, however, get a mug and the tea ready for when I got back! We went to the doctor’s and I simply walked straight in. No waiting! She couldn’t find a vein in my arm so took it from my hand, but I was perfectly ok. I did say a couple of times ‘I will get through this, I am in control, I will walk away from this and a cup of tea is waiting for me when I get home.’ I was fine. No problems. And I have a smile that won’t wipe off!
Thank you for all your help with this.
Gill C.Fear of blood tests

"I had wanted to give up smoking for a long time...My session with Sharon before the hypnosis was very thought-provoking and set up the hypnosis very well. Following my time with Sharon I have found it easier than I thought to give up smoking."
A. Woods, Bracknell

"Sharon. WOW, what a difference! I just wanted to write to say Thank You again. I came to you feeling like a shadow of my former self. A feeble, vulnerable alternative to the woman I feel now.
I can hear people when they say I'm attractive, instead of feeling my brain shut down, the wall shoot up and wondering what they want from me. My focus is on enjoying my situations, instead of feeling so terribly awkward.
After having got to the point where I only left the house to go to work, I have already been up to London to watch a friend sing, where I spoke to people I had avoided meeting for years, even speaking to someone I didn't know. And enjoyed it! I can't wait to go again.
The weight that has been lifted, by having a different attitude, is immense. I sincerely thank you."

C. Hayes Fleet

"As you know, I was very sceptical about the whole business of HypnoTherapy; but we both persevered.
And what a result !
Yesterday, I went to the dentist for a check-up and stayed to have 2 hours work done on two broken teeth.
This entailed the dentist and his assistant putting what seemed like their entire stock of instruments in mouth, together with both their hands for periods of 2 minutes or so.
I sailed through it all with the aplomb of a man who was completely relaxed in an environment which had hitherto been terrifying.
Thank you so much for what you have done for me.
I am convincing proof that HypnoTherapy really works; if only you'll let it.
And I will say that to anybody who asks.
P. Hare Sandhurst

Through hypnotherapy my mindset has started to change so that I am questioning what I am eating and drinking more, to avoid the habit of eating for comfort. I feel very positive about my progress."
Rebecca D, Ascot

"Hypnosis with Sharon has proved to be such an enormous boon to my life.The sessions not only helped me look deep within and discover the cause of my overeating, they also helped me to find a new confidence and an inner ability to replace my old eating habits with healthy, good, new habits."
Lesley S, Berkshire

I had been a smoker for 15 years and had tried various methods to stop with mixed results, but had always ended up smoking again. I was smoking 20 – 25 per day …. I was hating every minute of it and hating myself for every cigarette I smoked. Sharon spent time truly getting to the bottom of why I smoked and what I thought it was giving me. When I was hypnotised she understood what motivated me to smoke so was able to speak to me with relevance and understanding. The result has been that I have stopped completely and am enjoying every minute of it ! "
Catherine M, London

"Hypnotherapy has given me the ability to relax more and not feel the need to keep on the go the whole time… more importantly, I’m more at one with myself."
Gwen C, Marlborough

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